Cityscape Eucalypt Dress

A few weeks ago, on the very first warm weekend of spring, Mr. Sweet and I decided to go exploring. There’s this walking trail with an old historic house nearby that we’ve been wanting to check out since we first moved here a few years ago, so, camera in hand, we decided to take a trip over there.

Cityscape Eucalypt Dress

People were preparing for a function at the historic house when we arrived, so we didn’t get to walk around it this time, but we were still able to check out the grounds and the walking path. I’m usually pretty shy about doing these photo shoots in public (or in general, really! Haha.), but I was wearing this dress and thought it might be fun to switch it up a little from my usual posts.

Cityscape Eucalypt Dress

The pattern is the Eucalypt Dress from Megan Nielsen’s new Breakwater Collection. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure that I was going to sew up this pattern right away. It looked like a great basic piece, but I don’t find loose shift dress type styles to be terribly flattering on me. But then Megan released some of her pattern kits with the fabrics from her photo shoot and I just couldn’t resist! I’d absolutely fallen in love with all of the styling pics and fabric choices for this collection, so I splurged and purchased two of her kits – this dress and the Cascade Skirt (which I’ve also stitched up – review soon!). The fabric in both kits is beautiful and I am happy to say that they are so worth it!

Cityscape Eucalypt Dress

I cut out my usual size small in Megan Nielsen patterns, but I cut the length to the extra large size. This is something that I also always do with Megan Nielsen patterns and in this case it added an extra inch to the hem length, which I found to be long enough.

Cityscape Eucalypt Dress

The sizing for this pattern was perfect, but I didn’t find the shape to be terribly flattering on me at the dress length. I think that a lot of shapes can pull that style off, but on me it just looked like a nightgown and nothing like the model shots. I wanted to be able to wear it outside (because the fabric is just gorgeous!), so I decided to add a bit more shape to it.

Cityscape Eucalypt Dress

This modification was really easy to do! Here’s what I did: I tried on the dress, measured where I wanted it to come in at the waist, and then made a tube out of some of the leftover fabric from the kit. Then I sewed that tube onto the inside of the dress and inserted some 1/4 inch elastic (which I’d measured out to my waist circumference plus a tiny bit of ease) into that tube and pulled it through.

Voila! A comfy cinched elastic waist!

Here are a few construction pics: The kit came with some fancy bias tape and a nifty little pattern tag, which I just couldn’t resist using! Ooooh, it makes it look so fancy!
Cityscape Eucalypt Dress Construction

Cityscape Eucalypt Dress Construction

Cityscape Eucalypt Dress Construction

Cityscape Eucalypt Dress ConstructionThe first “waist casing” picture above shows a close up of what the outside of the dress looks like after I put the elastic casing in, and the second picture shows the fabric tube that holds the elastic casing on the inside of the dress.

Cityscape Eucalypt Dress

(Hooray! So excited about my new dress!)

Overall, I think that this is a really fun pattern. I will definitely be sewing it again using this modification and I am also curious about the tank version!

Have you sewn up the Eucalpyt pattern? What have some of your favorite patterns been so far this summer?



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12 Responses to Cityscape Eucalypt Dress

  1. MaciNic says:

    Fabulous! I used the Eucalyptus as the basis for the top half of my gatsby dress, but I adore her kits – I was lucky enough to be given the yellow flower kit for Mothers’ Day “’cause you like yellow flowers mum” – I’m just waiting before I sew it up for it to be warm enough to enjoy wearing!
    I do like your elasticised waist adaptation, and that fabric is ‘to dye for’ ;)

    • Juli says:

      Thanks! Ooooh, I bet that the yellow kit is fabulous too! I just love the fabrics that Megan picked for the photoshoot for this collection… can’t wait to see what you sew up with your kit! :-)

  2. Ginger says:

    Really cute! I love the fabric– I can see why you couldn’t resist the kit!

    • Juli says:

      Thanks! Ohmygosh, I love the fabric. Before this, I thought that I didn’t really like anything made out of linen, but this linen is… Amazing! It’s soft and drapey, but still has a bit of structure (even after machine washing)… now I might have to try sewing with linen a bit more in the future! That Miette skirt is definitely on my list, I loved your red linen version! :-)

  3. Rachel says:

    That looks great! I haven’t tried the dress length yet.

  4. Love this dress! And those PHOTOS – you should do outdoors more often – so beautiful! I love your idea for putting the elastic inside a little fabric tube – I will definitely be trying this out :)

    • Juli says:

      Thanks Sally, that’s really nice! :-D My allergies are TERRIBLE this time of year (I’m seriously allergic to everything that is blooming right now, haha), but I will try to do another outdoor shoot again sometime. Glad that the fabric tube tip was helpful! :-)

  5. Kelly says:

    We’re twinsies!! :) Check it out: I bought the kit mainly for the fabric but I have fallen in love with the pattern too! I like your modification, it looks really cute on you. And I love your jumping pic, so fun!

    • Juli says:

      YAY! TWINSIES!! :-) It looks great on you! I love your different styling options in your post – it looks great with the Archer button up too! It’s a really comfy and fun summer dress… and isn’t that fabric just amazing?!

  6. Gosh I love this! The fabric, the waist tie, everything! Oh and especially that last photo.

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