Blue Chambray Banksia

One weekend last month, while the weather outside was doing this (in the middle of April… really!)

snowphoto(Wow… so much snow!)

I was inside finishing up this:

Blue Chambray Banksia

The fabric is a lightweight blue chambray (cotton?) fabric that I’ve had in my stash for ages from Emma One Sock. It’s such a beautiful, floaty, soft woven fabric. I remember that it was a really big deal when I purchased it… it was one of my first “higher quality” fabric purchases, and I wanted to make sure that my sewing skills were worthy enough before I cut into it. I knew that I wanted to make it into some kind of button up top and the Banksia pattern looked perfect. I checked the yardage requirements and I had just enough fabric. Whew.

Blue Chambray Banksia

The decision to add the piping happened right before I stitched the collar pieces together and then I added the rest (around the sleeves, placket, etc.) after that. I’m pretty pleased with the result… I think that it gives the shirt a bit of a pop. It also matches the white bias tape inside the collar. Hooray!

Blue Chambray Banksia

You can’t see it here in these photos with my shirt tucked in, but I ended up changing the hem from a straight hem to a curved hem. It’s something that a couple of my ready-to-wear blouses have and I really like that style. I also sewed an extra band onto the end of each sleeve to make them longer and be able to cuff them up.

Blue Chambray Banksia

This was my first time using bias tape for a collar finishing method like this and I think that it’s really professional and clean looking. Megan’s instructions for doing this are fantastic! I also used different thread colors for the bobbin thread and the main thread in my machine in order to match the fabric on each side.

Blue Chambray Banksia

These buttons are some of my favorites! I really like them and so does Mr. Sweet… he noticed them right away. Between the piping, the buttons, the fancy inside trim, and the placket, he was pretty convinced that I bought this somewhere and was trying to pull a fast one on him!

Blue Chambray Banksia

When I picked up these buttons awhile ago, I didn’t have a specific project in mind… but when I was digging through my button box to try and find a for a few for this top I was like “Ah Ha! Yes!”  They are these zigzag buttons from Mood.

Blue Chambray Banksia

I used the faux placket method from the Banksia Sewalong over on Megan’s blog and it was super easy to follow (even with adding the piping, which I… errr… decided to do after I’d already sewn on the placket.). I know I’ve said this a million times, but her sewalong posts are so impressive and such a great resource! I love the little detail at the bottom which makes it look so fancy!

Blue Chambray Banksia

    (Yep, that’s fancy alright.)

Seriously though, this is another Megan Nielsen pattern that I really like and I highly recommend it!

What have you been sewing lately? Do you have any favorite top patterns?


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14 Responses to Blue Chambray Banksia

  1. Rachel says:

    Very cute, Juli! I’m going to be working on her eucalypt tank today!

  2. Rachel says:

    oops, had a computer glitch and didn’t think my first comment sent! Sorry for the double post! :P

  3. Ginger says:

    This is so cute! You’re reminding me that I really want to make another Banksia! I’ve made one so far, but it’s too tight through the shoulders and isn’t very comfortable to wear. It’s such a perfect pattern, though, isn’t it?

    • Juli says:

      Thanks Sonja! You know, that would actually be the one big adjustment that I would make when sewing it again too. It’s not terribly tight, but it pulls just enough that I would probably be more comfortable in it if I were to make that adjustment next time. I remember seeing your red and black plaid version of the Banksia around the blogosphere, it’s really cute!!

  4. This is oh so perfect! The piping! The chambray! The buttons! I definitely need to add this pattern to my wish list – I was just eyeing a lace version over at paunnet… :)

    • Juli says:

      Thanks Sally! It would look really cute on you, you should definitely add it to your list! A lace version, you say? Oooooh, that sounds really pretty, off to check it out!

  5. This is a totally gorgeous version of the blouse! I love the blue with white piping and those sweet little buttons. Awesome! I think I need this blouse in my life :)

  6. Kathryn says:

    This is gorgeous! I love your fabric choices and the addition of the piping and lovely buttons. Did you use any specific tutorial for the piping? I’d love to give it a go but don’t know where to start!

    • Juli says:

      Thanks Kathryn! I didn’t use any specific tutorial as reference for the piping, but I’ve worked with it a few times before in other projects like this skirt and have picked up a few things through trial-and-error, mostly. My best advice is to purchase a piping foot for your machine if you don’t already have one, use lots of pins to keep the piping in place, and sew super slowly! If the seam is super curvy (like a collar, etc.) I sometimes use this stuff called Wonder Tape to try and get the piping to stick exactly where I want it to and it’s quite nifty stuff. You don’t need to iron it on or anything, but it helps keep it in place just enough while you are sewing (and it washes out the first time you wash your garment). Hmmm… I have a few more tips, but this response is getting really long, maybe I should work on a little tutorial weekend! :-)

  7. Ami says:

    This is sooooo cute! You really remind me of Zooey Deschanel in it. I love love love the white piping it adds so much character and your sewing skills are fantastic! :)

    • Juli says:

      Aww, thank you so much! I’m not much a fan of “The New Girl” show, but I do really like her style, so that is definitely a nice compliment! :-)

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